Yacht Coverage (GCPP)

Genuine Custom Protection Plan for Yachts

Exclusively designed and custom tailored for each individual yacht. For vessels worth $250,000 to $35,000,000 when new.

Genuine Warranty is proud to be the only company in the world to offer protection plans on marine vessels in this price range. Given the complex nature of the engines, electronics, upgrades and equipment on vessels in this price range, we are not able to quote a price based on any easy-to-read price guide. Instead, a custom approach is taken. Each plan for GCPP is tailored specifically to each vessel and includes the equipment and accessories specific to that vessel that you would like covered. Only our extensive experience in the industry and careful attention to installed equipment and options allows us to do this.

So how does GCPP work? Since GCPP is a custom product, we ask for a build sheet or similar documentation with the vessels equipment listed on it. Once we have the build sheet, we will review with your what you would like to have covered, and what you would not like to have covered. The build sheet will then be sent to underwriting to deliver a custom quote on each plan the you’ve expresses interest in. When the price quote has been returned to us, you may accept it as is, or continue to modify coverage choices.

How do we price these? In a nutshell, the price is usually determined as a coefficient of the equipment covered, the vessel’s new purchase price, age, condition, and other considerations and factors. In fact, the pricing structure is so detailed in order to ensure a fair price to you, the underwriting manual is well over 400 pages long! The entire process takes a short period of time, and assembly line built yachts that are produced in quantity probably already have pricing ready for you on the fly.

Features of Genuine Custom Protection Plan

  • Choose your own coverage!
  • For yachts valued over $250k
  • 100% original factory replacement parts when available
  • NO deductible
  • Multiple repair occurrences allowed
  • Purchase coverage at any time, not just when the boat is under factory warranty
  • Freedom to get repairs done anywhere
  • QuickClaims service and Online Claim filing
  • Backed by a nationally recognized underwriter
  • Accessory packages available to cover a variety of options
  • Long or short contracts, from 1 year to 5 years of coverage

For boats with a value under $250,000, please see our Genuine Protection Plan (GPP) guide.