Genuine ClaimsHelp

Problem with another warranty company? Let Genuine help you get it resolved, free.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of a cheap contract and little coverage. If you have had a claim problem with another warranty company, Genuine Warranty will help you at no charge by acting as a mediator and try to make a fair assesment of the contract you have to determine coverage. Its our way of trying to better the community and keep everyone honest. Here’s how it works:

First thing first, we like to talk with you over the phone and review the claim. Please call us at 800-581-0312 and ask for claims. Tell them you’d like help with a claim on a competitors contract. We’ll then ask you to send us a copy of the contract, and a copy of the claim, and any additional information you have. If it’s pretty clear that you were denied coverage wrongfully, we’ll escalate the ticket, and with your permission, contact the other warranty company to try and resolve the dispute with you. Sometimes your best friend in the industry is someone who pioneered the industry. While we cant guarantee results, we will try our best to get your claim resolved with the other warranty company, all at no charge to you.

If in the end, the claim still cant be resolved due to their uncooperation, we will help structure your complaint to the appropriate venues for additional help.

All of this is free of charge to you, as a simple service to try and make our community better. Please call us at 800-581-0312 for more information, or begin by filling out the form below.