Factory Coverage 1-50,000 Miles Rate 1

Your vehicle qualifies for “Factory Coverage” for a Rate 1 Automobile with 1-50,000 miles on the odometer. It must be under ten years old.

These contracts have unlimited mileage allowances and begin when the factory warranty expires, or the date they sign the contract, whichever comes last. For additional information regarding each coverage type and each accessory package, please see the Factory Coverage product page or call us at 800-581-0312.

RATE 1                    1 – 50,000 MILES
Year/Miles  $50 Deductible  $100 Deductible  $200 Deductible $500 Deductible
 1yr / Unlimited $412.00 $376.00 $324.00 $162.00
 2yr / Unlimited $724.00 $656.00 $552.00 $276.00
3yr / Unlimited $932.00 $844.00 $676.00 $338.00
 4yr / Unlimited  $1568.00 $1432.00 $1232.00 $616.00
 5yr / Unlimited $1984.00 $1808.00 $1560.00 $780.00



OPTION:  SEAL & GASKET SURCHARGE $500 – Leak needs to be ACTIVE only; NOT for seepage.

How to total up the price…

Select the customers deductible ($50, $100, $200 or $500). Then pick the length of coverage (1yr to 5yrs). In that colum you will see the “Warranty” price. That is the price for the contract. The other prices for Air Bladders, Wear & Tear Coverage, and Hydraulic Suspension are all optional coverage and their surcharges are listed. If the customer wanted the warranty and any of additional coverages, you would combine those for the total price.

One question we hear often from dealers, is “How much can I mark these up?” In reality, our own actuary data shows that on average, a dealer selling a Genuine Warranty contract earns almost exactly 30% on average. Some dealers include them at no charge to their customers for a one year contract on every car, and then other dealers will double the contract price and go for multiyear contracts.

For pricing on contracts longer than 5 years, please call us at 800-581-0312.