Automobile Warranties

Genuine really came through in my day of need! Our family was on vacation 2200 miles away from home, when our transmission would no longer put our car in gear. To the tune of an astonishing $4800 in parts, and $3600 in labor later, we were back on the road. All we paid was our deductible of $50. -Kris R, Mercedes S55AMG

Genuine Warranty Solutions began as a provider for automobile warranties a number of years ago. When we entered the market, there was an abundance of competitors. Today, we are a leader when it comes down to automobile warranties on all high end and luxury cars, including exotic automobiles. You might even say it is our specialty.

Coverage Choices for Automobiles

Tip: There is no such thing as a "bumper to bumper" warranty. When was the last time your bumpers broke? Be sure you compare contracts as apples to apples, avoid hype, and check exclusions carefully.

  • Factory Coverage
    Factory Coverage essentially mimics a manufacturers warranty with certain exclusions. It is by far, the most extensive coverage money can buy. Couple it with the Wear and Tear optional coverage and you'll be on the road to worry free driving.
  • Factory Exotic & Exotic Coverage
    One of the unique aspects of Genuine Warranty is Factory Coverage for all exotics ever made. This includes Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, etc.. We offer two coverage options for exotics, one named Factory Exotic which is the same as our regular Factory coverage, and then Exotic coverage which is a major component coverage policy.
  • Accessory Package: Wear & Tear Coverage
    Most warranty companies wont pay for parts that have simply "worn out". As you can imagine, the description of a part being worn out is pretty broad. Genuine Warranty was one of the first companies to offer Wear & Tear coverage as an optional surcharge. We wanted our customers to decide if they wanted this coverage, and if they did, allow it to be purchased.

What separates Genuine Warranty from the rest?

  • Unlimited mileage on all warranties
  • Toll-free Claims
  • Multiple deductible choices
  • Coverage that mimics a factory warranty
  • Specialty factory exotic coverage
  • Available Wear and Tear coverage
  • Easy to read and understand coverage plans