Marine Coverage (GPP)

Genuine Protection Plan for Boats

Our flagship marine coverage is our Genuine Protection Plan (GPP). GPP offers protection similar to the original manufacturer’s warranty. However, unlike the manufacturers’ warranty, GPP offers coverage on vessels up to ten years old and shorter than 65′ in length. You can choose from plans that cover the vessel for as long as 5 years after they purchase the contract, and you can purchase the contract at any time!

Features of Genuine Protection Plan
  • (For boats worth under $250,000. Over $250k please use GCPP)
  • Hoisting allowances up to $200 on boats larger than 26′ in length
  • On-water towing allowances up to $225
  • 100% original factory replacement parts when available
  • Low deductible of only $25
  • Multiple repair occurrences allowed
  • Purchase coverage at any time, not just when the boat is under factory warranty
  • Freedom to get repairs done anywhere
  • QuickClaims service and Online Claim filing
  • Backed by a nationally recognized underwriter
  • Accessory packages available to cover a variety of options
  • Long or short contracts, from 1 year to 5 years of coverage

For boats with a value over $250,000, please see the Genuine Custom Protection Plan

Available Accessory Packages
  • Accessory Package: Fisherman Package (F)
    Targeted towards fisherman, this accessory package covers a lot of the items that fishermen would use on a smaller sized boat to do recreational fishing. Covered components include battery switches and electrical systems, trolling motor and controls, power transformers, anchors, winches, fish finders, digital depth finders, water temperature gauges, and related items.
  • Accessory Package: Luxury Cruiser Package (S)
    Targeted towards luxury cruisers that are a level above fisherman boats. Covered components include auxilary power/generators, air conditioners/heaters, fresh/hot water and shower system compoentns, waste systems, appliances, power components and dual station/tower controls, gauges, bilge components and anchor systems.
  • Accessory Package: Supercruiser Fisherman Package (SF)
    Targeted towards luxury cruisers also setup for fishing. Combines all options from the Fisherman Package and the Luxury Cruiser package.
  • Accessory Package: Navigation Package (N)
    Covered components include navigational displays, control units, sending units, receiver antenna and harnesses. For most units our navigation coverage will cover the entire navigation system.